D21 “HOW DO YOU FEEL?” Fundraiser shirts!

Sizes are limited! Priority to key clubbers attending FRS.
This is what I have left:
Tanks ($12): XL-2
Tees ($12): M-4
Crewneck Sweaters ($21): M-1, XL-1
Hoodie ($25): XL-1

Fill out the following form and submit it here: http://kimzyy.tumblr.com/ask
Type (Tank, Hoodie, etc…):

I’ll email you if you you will be receiving a shirt. If you are going to FRS, you will need to provide a number so I can find you at six flags! d:

To find me: I’ll be with a group of teal hippos, wearing a zebra backpack, and probably standing next to a hippo. :D